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SMK Negeri 4 Makassar

Logo of Smk 4 Makassar. 

SMK 4 Makassar is the first vocational high schools named SMEA Negeri 2 Ujungpandang.
Founded on August 1, 1964. after several moves, now occupies a three storey building at Jalan Bandang No.140 covering an area of land covering 10,798 m2.
Then in 1997 changed its name to SMK Negeri 4 Makassar. cakkalang previously housed the street and the buildings are united by four high school buildings Makassar.

SMK Negeri 4 Makassar, the Opening Program of Accounting Expertise, Offices, Sales, Services Tourism, Computer Engineering, and Hospitality.

student activities
Smk 4 Makassar Indonesia Organic Waste Processing Training held

Friday, 22 October 2010.
SMKN 4 Makassar - After doing the socialization program, Team Motivator Makassar Green School Back down provide guidance on waste management training. From the results of initial monitoring found in the average school has a school waste processing media such as aerobic composter and Takakura, but its use is still not understood by some of the school.

Deputy mayor of Makassar during a school visit a few days ago, appealed to the school for more attention to aspects of sorting and processing waste in school, visits Mr deputy mayor of Makassar to the schools yesterday is linked closer Adipura assessment, initial stages of assessment beginning on 1 November. With the passage of Makassar Green School program is expected to be able to motivate the students to participate more actively maintain the cleanliness of the school environment.

Team spyglass Makassar Daily (newspaper) often activities at this school.
Music Indie Tour to School
First School, Skapat excited

Well, as a guest star, Delight Monday successfully entertain with songs that okay britpop genre have. (Photo Nurhadi / Dawn)
This Show Time! Spyglass soon enter the age of 7 years would fall exactly on 17 August. Well, while waiting for the arrival of an important day that ya, spyglass Crew held a special event for the students in Makassar.

The concept is certainly packed fresh. His name is Indie Music Tour To School in 5 schools in Makassar, Maros, and Sungguminasa.

Well, the team visited each school field glasses will be entertained with a variety of items and the race program including guest star indie band Makassar. Nih Remarkably, in the event this time deliberately ngeboyong spyglass trailer cars to be a substitute for the stage. Unique Well do you?

As the first school that was visited, apparently SMKN 4 give the impression of really enthusiastic. Children-term Skapat SMKN 4 Makassar - mad scene.
Nih Initially, the team held a clinic Journalism telescope followed by a session of the Milky Way, aka talk about the problem of electricity by Mr. Wahab and Mr. Amir of PT PLN Persero.

After thorough peel around the journalistic material there is also a clinic Mirror (Mini Story) to leak rubric, news, until the recruitment of field glasses, the white ash-abuers Skapat trafficked directly to the page created nikmatin park's special attractions of the trailer.

Skapat Children are increasingly fascinated with the presence of Delight Monday. Yups, here's a guest star at our school located at Jalan Bandang number 140. The music is not diraguin again, cing. The song already thrown into the radio. They are very beautiful music. Bringing the four songs, Delight Monday successfully hypnotize people made Skapat amazed. They come to enjoy the Indie Music Tour to School.

Well, success is created Skapat.

Ekskul SMK 4 Makassar


futsal girls
futsal boys

 Basket ball


 Kempo :

 Paskibraka :

 PMR :

Osis :

in addition, SMK 4 makassarese also have its own activities loh. not from newspaper or so teams.
one of them to the Department Adm.Perkantoran. We whose names are neveractivities of
Table Menners 
table menners it is a showcase of students' activities in terms of cuisine that has been made by each group. almost the same with food bazaar, but the difference when you taste the food on the table this menners not charge (free). you can eat as much. menu from any table menners vary, depending on what menu created by the group table menners respectively.
This activity really exciting

The purpose of this activity is none other than: that the students are able to understand, meet the needs of customer in the future either for themselves or for society in which students reside.
Koleksi Foto Peserta Table Menners :
X ap 3

This welcoming guests, they give souvenirs to the guests who were present.
from right to left:  Hasriani Latif, Kasmawati, Revitha, Wulandari, and Rida Amalia.
group that display food: from left to right: Megawati, the Goddess Fatima, Mila Lestari, and Rahayu Fitri Nahriah at Anugerah YP (I) ^ ^
It also groups that display food. Left to right: Fitrah, Nurul Annisa, Prawita, and Rifka Muspitawati

Left to right: Vina Ramadhani, Juwita Novi, Ernianti, Ratlia, and Satriani.

Photos and names Principal SMK 4 from the beginning until now




 4 : DRS. ANWAR , M.M.



6 (now) Dra. Asnah Baharuddin , M.Pd

warm atmosphere of the teachers and students:

Building And Location:

Home Building

Building In.
"Ceremony of Student Activities"

 Location SMK 4 Views From Satellite


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